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We are happy to help you with all your trailer needs. We utilize a tow motor for easy/safe maneuvering of your trailer and stock 100’s of trailer parts to make working on your trailer as efficient as possible! Some of the trailer parts we keep on stock include: wheel hubs, wheel bearings/races, brake shoes, brake drums, complete brake assemblies, brake magnet kits, brake controllers, break-away kits, suspension equalizers with hardware, spring bushings/bolts, wiring harnesses, large assortment of standard and LED lighting.

Full Service Trailer Repairs & Maintenance


Trailer State Inspection (Pass or Fail)


Trailer Enhanced Safety (For Titles)

  • $249.95 Enhanced Trailer (<3,000 lbs)
  • $329.95 Enhanced Trailer (3,001-14,000 lbs)
  • $69.95 Certified NIST Weight Slip (If your trailers require an unladen weight slip…we are a certified NIST weight center)
  • Note: **Prices include taxes
  • What you need to bring to us “Homemade Trailer under 3,000 GVWR”
  1. What you need to bring to us “Homemade Trailer over 3,000 GVWR”
  2. What you need to bring to us “Kit Trailer”
  3. What you need to bring to us “Manufactured Trailer W/O Title”
  4. What you need to bring to us “Changing GVWR on Manufactured Trailer”
  5. MV1i Process (Process for vehicles with a missing title)
  6. PA Trailer Regulations
  7. Trailer Lighting Chart (80” and Less Wide)
  8. Trailer Lighting Chart (Over 80” Wide)
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bulldog tough and trusted trailer services
BW trailer services
Axle technology trailer services
Dexter trailer services

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