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BG Air Induction Cleaning Service

Connect BG 22 VIA® Vehicle Injection Apparatus in front of throttle plate with cleaner nozzle. Mist 11oz. of BG #206 intake air cleaner through induction system while running engine to fully coat entire induction system with cleaner. Remove nozzle and reassemble system. – $59.95


BG Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

Connect BG 22 VIA® Vehicle Injection Apparatus to fuel rail. Pressurize VIA to pump pressure and disable vehicle fuel pump. Flush 11 oz. of BG #201 cleaner through fuel system. Disconnect cleaner from fuel rail and enable fuel pump again. Add BG 44K® Platinum to the fuel tank to finish cleaning process. – $164.95


BG GDI Cleaning Package

GDI, or Gas Direct Injection engines, are great engines and have a lot of benefits. But because of their design, these engines have some maintenance requirements that non-GDI engines do not have. 1) In order to reduce frictional drag energy loss and increase fuel efficiency, GDI engines use thinner and lighter piston rings, called low tension piston rings. With time varnish builds up behind the rings causing the rings not to seal as designed. 2) In traditional fuel injection engines, the gasoline washes over the valves cleaning them in the process. In GDI engines gasoline is injected directly into the cylinder, so it never comes in contact with the intake valves. Without that constant cleaning action, harmful carbon deposits buildup on the valves.

We offer and recommend every 2-3 oil changes, two different services to address both of these maintenance concerns.

  • BG Engine Performance Restoration Service $64.95
  • BG GDI Valve Cleaning Service $154.95

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