PA Car Inspection Services

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What’s Included in Our Vehicle Inspection Services


Emissions Inspections

  • $32.95 Standard Emission Test
  • $29.95 Exemption Emissions Test (Vehicle that was driven less then 5,000 in past 12 months)
  • $39.95 Waiver Test (Additional to Standard Test, optional after $150 was spend trying to fix faulty emissions)
  • $29.95 Standard Test, Senior Discount Applied
  • $27.95 Exemption Emissions Test, Senior Discount Applied
  • $36.95 Waiver Test, Senior Discount Applied

Safety Inspection

  • $49.95 Auto and Light Trucks
  • $47.95 PUC Regulated Vehicles “Transport Persons for Hire”
  • $89.95 Medium Duty Trucks (9,001-17,000 GVWR)
  • $104.95 Medium Duty Trucks (17,001-26,000 GVWR)
  • $114.95 Motor Homes (9,001-17,000 GVWR)
  • $84.95 Trailers (3,000-14,000 GVWR)
  • PA Vehicle Regulation Book

Enhanced Inspections

How is my car tested for emissions?
  • Model year vehicles 1995 and older are tested by just visually verifying emissions components that the manufacturer installed on the vehicle still exist and are hooked up.
  • Model year vehicles 1996 and newer were manufactured with the ability to test the emissions on the vehicle while it is being driven. The vehicles computer runs programs of different emissions tests. After a test completes it writes the results in a folder in the vehicles computer. We connect our computer to the vehicles computer and it downloads the folder with the test results and then uploads the results to PennDOT.   
Does the “Check Engine Light” staying on have anything to do with my emissions?
  • Yes, the “Check Engine Light” could also be called an emissions light. If the computer gets a failed emissions test result it turns the “Check Engine Light” on.
Will my car pass the emission test if my “Check Engine Light” goes off after starting my car?
  • Providing the folder with the results did not get erased (battery disconnected recently or someone manually erased with a code reader) yes, it should pass for emissions
What is the term “Monitors” mean?
  • Monitors are the computer programs that the car runs to test the emissions of the car. There are typically 5-8 monitors that the car uses.
  • Vehicles 1996-2000 are required to have completed reports from all but 2 of the monitors
  • Vehicles 2001-Present are required to have completed reports from all but 1 of the monitors
How long do I need to drive my car to get my “Monitors” to re-run?
  • It could be in 2-3 miles or it could take 3-4 weeks of driving. There are many variables with this: outside temperature, vehicle year- make- model, amount of gas in gas tank, etc.
What is a “Waiver” inspection?
  • PA allows a “Waiver” sticker to be applied if a minimum of $150 was spent towards trying to correct the reason the emissions failed its test. This sticker is valid as long as a normal emissions sticker.
What is an “Exempt” inspection?
  • A vehicle that typically would require an emissions test but is brand new or is driven less then 5,000 a year can get a “Exempt” sticker applied. Although the vehicle does not need to be tested, a “exempt” sticker still needs applied and it needs to be processed to show proof of its validity.
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