Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot easily reach my gas/brake pedals; can extensions be installed?

Yes, we do install pedal extensions that can easily be removed for others to drive the car but unfortunately any time we modify a primary control (gas/brake/steering) we are required to have a prescription from a “CDRS”.


I think I should get some type of driving controls; how do I know what to pick?

This is the role of a “CDRS” (Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist). They will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and then have you try different equipment in their vehicle until yourself and them are both comfortable with you driving with the equipment.


Can I get hand controls to use for a short time until I heal from a surgery?

Unfortunately, not. Current regulations require that only trained and certified drivers can drive with hand controls, the trouble is once you are certified to drive with hand controls you can not drive without them unless you go through training to drive without hand controls (everything backwards). Lots of red tape!!


Can I get a different style of hand controls then what I was trained in?

Not without getting a “CDRS” to write a new script


Can other people drive a car that has hand controls in it?

Yes, typically hand controls can be “locked out” allowing others to drive the vehicle.


What if I purchase another car, can my hand controls be transferred to the new vehicle?

They can but it does not always make sense to transfer them. Hand controls have different mounting brackets depending on year/make/model vehicle and the linkages get custom modified to each vehicle.


What if I was trained for driving controls many years ago but my driver’s license was never updated?

Current regulations do not allow us to install adaptive equipment without properly coded driver’s licenses. Most “CDRS” are willing to verify you can safely drive with your old controls and then help you get an updated driver’s license.