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Tires Near Me at Steffy’s Garage

Searching for a dependable “Tire Replacement”? Your search ends at Steffy’s Garage. With decades of experience in the automotive industry, Steffy’s Garage is the trusted name when it comes to premier tire services in the Lancaster County area. We guarantee precision and care with every tire install. With our Hunter Certified Techs, our Hunter Leverless Tire Changer, and our Hunter Road Force Diagnostic machine, we can do the job right! Click HERE for a demonstration video.

Tire Service Packages


Tire Repair

  • $16.50 Tire Plug
  • $44.95 Tire Plug/Patch

Balance Only

  • $11.95 Tire Smart Balance (With Pa State Inspection, Tire rotation or Tires brought by client)
  • $16.95 Road Force balance (Straight Track only available if all four wheels are done) (Additional labor charge if tire needs to be matched with wheel)

Tire Mount and Balance

This list only applies if tires are purchased through Steffy’s Garage.

  • $15.95 Tire Mount, Smart Balance, New Valve Stem, Tire Discard (Tire tax excluded if new tire)
  • $19.95 Tire Mount, Road Force balance, New Valve Stem, Tire Discard (Tire tax excluded if new tire)

(Additional labor charge if tire needs to be matched with wheel)


Additional Tire Mount and Balance Fees

  • $6.00– Run Flat Tire Upcharge
  • $6.00– Low Profile Upcharge (35-45 series tires)
  • $12.00– Very Low Profile Upcharge (20-30 series tires)
  • $19.95– Wheel Bead Resurfacing Upcharge
  • $59.95– Tire Pressure Sensor Replacement (Includes Sensor)

Please see the TIRE RACK website for pricing on customer supplied tires.


Alignment Packages

4 Wheel Alignment using latest 3D camera technology

  • $96.95 Cars and Light Trucks (9,200 lbs. >)
  • $139.95 BMW/Mercedes Benz (requiring ride height inputs)
  • $169.95  Light/Medium Trucks (9,201 lbs.<)

(Additional charge if parts are required or adjusters are seized tight. Customer will be called first to get approval)

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Tire Services at Steffy’s Garage

At Steffy’s Garage, tire replacement with alignment isn’t just another service—it’s a testament to our dedication to the safety and performance of your vehicle. Misaligned tires can lead to uneven wear, suboptimal fuel efficiency, and even potential safety hazards. Our meticulous tire alignment checks ensure every wheel is angled just right, not only in relation to the ground but also to its counterpart.

All SUV, truck, vehicle, and car repairs are completed by our talented team of professional technicians. See how our auto shop can help improve your vehicle with any of our affordable services!  Contact us today to learn more.

Tire Repair Lancaster PA: Trust in Steffy’s Garage

Experiencing tire troubles in Lancaster, PA? Steffy’s Garage is here for you with tire repair in Lancaster, PA. From minor punctures to major wear and tear, our tire repair services are unparalleled in Lancaster. Recognizing the critical role tires play in your vehicle’s safety and performance, we don’t just repair them; we restore them to their prime condition, ensuring a smooth and secure drive.

Got a tire problem? Swing by Steffy’s Garage in Lancaster, PA, and we’ll get you back on the road safely and promptly.

Steffy’s Garage: The Ultimate Destination for Wheel Alignment Near Me

We know the drill—drivers often search for “wheel alignment near me” when they sense something’s off. Whether it’s a noticeable pull to one side or an unusual steering feel, these signs often indicate misaligned wheels. Steffy’s Garage isn’t just your nearest solution; we are your best solution. Our advanced equipment, paired with our dedicated technicians, ensures a service that prioritizes both your vehicle’s longevity and your safety.

Experiencing irregularities in your vehicle’s movement? It might be time for a professional wheel alignment. Reach out to Steffy’s Garage’s experts today!