Transfer Seats

Effortless get in and out of your vehicle - this is what the swivel seat base was designed for. Seat bases utilize your factory seat allowing you to keep all the comforts your vehicle came with like electrical seat adjustment or a seat heater. Click on one of the logos above to skip to their products.

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Swivel Seat

Effortless get in and out of the car, easy transfer from the wheel chair into the car seat and vice versa - this is what the Veigel swivel seat was designed for. We only use seats of well known manufacturers, available in many different variants for the exact adaptation to your needs. You define how much comfort you allow yourself. Electrical seat adjustment, seat heater, original seat cover or even side airbag - nearly everything is possible. Veigel swivel seats are crash tested and correspond to the strict requirements of the automotive industry.

Adapt Solutions

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XL Base

  • In one smooth, simple motion, the XL-BASE rotates and then gently lowers out of the vehicle. This cycle can be stopped at any time to allow transfer at desired height.
  • The XL-BASE always uses the original seat from your vehicle, offering you unsurpassed comfort and safety. You will also enjoy the considerable leg room. To view final installation positioning in your vehicle, simply back your seat up completely.
  • Comfort for all the passengers in the vehicle. The XL-BASE installs under the seat, therefore leaving plenty of room for passengers seated behind it. This feature also allows the original seat to recline completely - you won't even notice the XL-BASE is there!
  • Keep it simple! With gentle consistent travel, the XL-BASE simply turns and lowers out of vehicle with no other motions. Combined with a straightforward, mechanical design, the XL-BASE uses two electrical actuators and series of limit switches. No muss, no fuss.
  • We know you value your vehicle. That is why the XL-BASE installs into the original seat mounts, with no drilling or structural modification to your vehicle. When the unit is removed, you can return your vehicle to its original condition, without affecting the resale value.
  • The XL-BASE has a 350 lbs weight capacity. The vehicle battery is the power source and power is not drained when the XL-BASE is not in use. Every unit is equipped with a manual backup system. The XL-BASE is designed exclusively for the front and center passenger positions of most minivans.
  • An optional armrest or footrest is available and can be added to the XL-BASE to make transfers easier, depending on your needs. Three optional trim colors are available to match your vehicle's interior: black, tan or grey.

Access Unlimited

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Easy Reach

Your van is so comfortable to ride in. Why shouldn’t your ride INTO the van be just as smooth? The Easy-Reach power lift seat provides a safe, short, comfortable ride into your minivan or full-size van. Because the Easy-Reach almost always uses the original vehicle seat, built-in safety sensors and your vehicle’s style both remain unchanged. In most cases you can still recline and even slide your seat! And unlike other power lift seats on the market, the Easy-Reach extends far from the vehicle and at a natural angle, matching the angle of the door. So you have plenty of access to your seat and can make the safest, easiest transfer.

In the down position, the Easy-Reach faces more toward the rear than other power lift seats do, so you’ll have an easier time stowing your chair behind the seat of your vehicle. It’s easier to reach to the side than behind you! And if you’re using a scooter lift, the Easy-Reach brings you to a convenient spot to transfer to your scooter without interference from the door.

  • Almost always uses the original vehicle seat
  • Easily removed when you sell the vehicle
  • Won’t affect resale value
  • When not needed, Easy-Reach serves as a normal passenger seat
  • In most cases Easy-Reach seat still reclines
  • In case of vehicle power failure, manual back-up system is standard, battery back-up optional
  • Available for all first and second row positions except driver on all full-sized vans and most minivans

B & D Independence

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