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Fuel System Packages

BG Fuel Injector Cleaning

  • Hook BG injector cleaning machine to fuel rail
  • Check fuel pressure and set up machine
  • Disable fuel pump and run 11 oz. BG#210 concentrated cleaner through injectors
  • Unhook machine, enable fuel pump
  • Add 11 oz. of BG #208 cleaner in fuel tank
  • Run engine to clean out residual chemical

BG Air Induction Cleaning

  • Remove air intake tube and install BG flushing nozzle in front of throttle plate
  • Run 11 oz. of BG #206 induction cleaner through air horn, idle air controller and plenum
  • Remove nozzle and reassemble system

Combo of Both Above Services

  • BG Fuel Injector Cleaning
  • BG Air Induction Cleaning

BG EGR System Cleaning

  • Remove EGR valve and hook BG flushing machine to intake manifold
  • Run 22 oz. of BG #211 induction system cleaner through ports in intake
  • Disconnect machine and reinstall EGR valve
  • Add BG #208 fuel system cleaner to fuel tank

BG Protection