Foot Guards

Pedal Guards are designed to stop the accidental use of the brake or accelerator pedals or for preventing feet or prosthetic limbs from becoming trapped under the pedals when driving. They are used when hand controls are installed on the vehicle. Pedal Guards are all designed with Quick releases allowing them to be easily removed. Click on one of the logos above to skip to their products.

Mobility Products and Design

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MPD Accelerator Guard


This product protects you from inadvertently resting your foot on the accelerator. It installs quickly and easily and it mounts on the same base bracket as the left foot accelerator pedal. It's also detachable, so other drivers can use your vehicle. It is recommended for use with hand controls.

Accelerator/Brake Guard


The Accelerator/Brake Guard is recommended by driver evaluators to be used with hand controls. It protects the driver from inadvertently resting their foot on the accelerator or brake pedal. It also shields the driver from unintentionally placing their foot under either pedal. The Accelerator/Brake Guard is sturdy and features a convenient carrying handle. The quick release mechanism allows it to be easily removed without tools, permitting ambulatory drivers full use of the pedals.† There is also an Accelerator/Brake Guard that gives you more foot room if needed.

MPD Accelerator / Brake Guard Lowered Floor


This control prevents the driver from inadvertently pressing the accelerator or brake pedal or placing a foot underneath either pedal. Used in lowered floor minivans.

MPD Accelerator / Brake Guard


This control prevents the driver from inadvertently pressing the accelerator or brake pedal or placing a foot underneath either pedal. Has more clearance then our Standard Accelerator/Brake Guard.

Adjustable Mounting Pedestal

for MPD Pedal Guard

Foot Pedal Guard Adjustable Mounting Pedestal for the MPD pedal guard to assist in Lowered Floor Van applications.

4571T Accelerator/Brake Guard

with Trim by Veigel

The pedal guard is an important safety element that prevents unintentional use of pedals. The Veigel Pedal Guard solution is stylish and safe. The concave shape of our pedal guard protects from unintentional use of the gas and brake pedals while providing maximum leg room for the driver. This unique design also incorporates a quick release connection similar to a socket wrench. This quick release connection allows the pedal guard to be removed in seconds without the use of tools.

Sure Grip

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A204 Gas Pedal Guard

Sure Foot (Removable) Left Foot Gas Pedal Guard

  • Sure Foot Removable features a quick release base so the entire assembly can be removed and re-installed quickly and easily.
  • Attached to the aluminum base, Sure Foot removable comes equipped with an adjustable pedal guard.
  • Fits virtually any vehicle and can be installed easily into your vehicle.

A206 Gas and Brake Guard

  • This light weight but durable guard prevents accidental contact with both brake and accelerator pedals.
  • Available in SURE GRIPís easy to use design, it also comes in quick release format models.
  • Convenient built-in handle makes this guard simple to install.

A208 Gas Pedal Guard

Introducing the new A208 Gas Pedal Guard from Sure Grip. Instead of using the traditional method of bolting the gas guard to the floor of your vehicle, the A208 utilizes the studs of the OEM gas pedal for mounting, completely eliminating the need to drill holes in your vehicleís floor. Once installed, the pedal simply slides in and out of itís mount, making removal and replacement simple and effortless.