A variety of extensions are avaliable for different locations on a vehicle, including steering wheel, emergency brake, gear selector, key and pedal extenders. Equipment manufacturers are Mobility Products and Design and Sure Grip.

Steering Wheel

A900-A915 Steering Wheel Extension

(pictured above)

  • Individually customizable -- pick your diameter, pick your height
  • Easily removable and completely compatible with any OEM steering wheel
  • 3 points of secured contact
  • Leather wrapped and hand stitched, first-rate quality and comfort
  • Far more serviceable and user-friendly than permanently installed extensions
  • Perfect for a family with a special needs user

Emercency Brakes

Park Brake Extension


Long, sturdy, and easy to reach, this extension makes setting your parking brake a simple task. It adjusts easily for use in a variety of vehicles. Available in 11" and 14" lengths.

Hand Style Emergency Brake


  • Our Hand Style Emergency Brake was designed to make it easier to depress the button on your E-Brake.
  • The handle provides more leverage to push the button in one easy motion.

Park Brake Extension


This easy-to-install brake extension brings the manual park brake closer to driver, for more convenient access.

Gear Selector

Gear Selector Extension


Our gear selector can be mounted on the left or right side of your steering wheel, depending on your preference. An extension means extra leverage for the right-hand location. (The left-hand extension is not shown).

T-Handle Mounted Gear Shift


Our gear selector can be mounted to a t-handle style front mount or bottom mount style gear shift. It is designed to push the button in and provide extra leverage to shift.

Dash Mounted Gear Shift


This dash style gear shift lever is designed to push side button in and shift in one easy motion and provides better leverage when shifting. This gear shift extension was designed for Chrysler and Dodge 2008-2011 vans or Honda Odyssey 2011-2012 vans. Now available in a fixed lever version when extra leverage of extension is required for a gear selector without a button.


Different extensions are available as driving aids for less tall people. In combination with adapted seats or extensions of the steering column these products help persons of short stature or thalidomide (contergan) injured people to the highest possible mobility.

A306 Adapted Shifter

Sure Grip manufactures modified shifter knobs for popular passenger vehicles. The adapted shifter knob is a direct replacement for the original factory knob which allows the gear selector to be moved using only the palm of your hand rather than the use of your thumb to depress a button to move the gear selector.

Key Extensions

Key: Extension


Key extensions are designed to provide better leverage when starting your vehicle. This product can be used anywhere that you would use a key, your vehicle, your office, your own front door.

Pedal Extensions

Pedal Extensions


The Veigel pedal extension reduces the distance to the pedals about 50-100mm. They are individual adjustable and detachable in seconds without tools. Tailored kits, tested and approved by the automotive industry, are available.

Heel Shelf for Pedal Extensions


The heel shelf is designed to compliment the pedal extensions. We offer a 2 inch, 4 inch or 6 inch shelf providing shorter drivers a platform to rest their feet while driving with pedal extensions. Using the same quick release system as our pedal guards and left foot accelerators, this heel shelf can be easily removed in seconds to allow access to the factory pedals.

A205 Pedal Extenders

These quick to install pedal extenders are used to bring the gas and brake pedals closer to the driver. The pedal extenders are adjustable 2-4 inches.

Left Foot Gas Pedal

Brake and gas pedals can be adjusted and set at  2", 3", or 4"